3 Reasons Why Varicose Veins Can Return


Today many advanced procedures are available for treating enlarged and twisted veins in your legs, known as varicose veins. Along with success, these procedures also offer fast treatment recovery rates. However, in some cases, even after an efficient surgery, varicose veins reappear in the patients’ legs due to some factors. Hence, you must consult a well-experienced vascular surgeon in Mumbai to learn more about this condition. Here, we have mentioned some prime reasons that make varicose veins return:

None Extensive treatment

In specific treatments, the varicose vein experiencing venous reflux might be stripped or wholly eliminated. However, In some cases, to determine your issues with venous reflux a single treatment is not sufficient as various veins can encounter reflux. Until all affected veins are acknowledged, the risk of new varicose veins development will always be there. 

To scan blood flow throughout your legs, your PCP may have to conduct imaging tests. A duplex ultrasound can assist your primary care physician with recognizing the wellsprings of venous reflux in your legs. In case you don’t get the proper medical examinations or if a few reflux sources are not attended to during treatment, new varicose veins will show up after treatment.

The Formation of new Varicose Veins

Another explanation for the recurrence of varicose veins after a complete evacuation can be that they are actually freshly developed. This condition is known as the aftereffect of “de novo” vein disorder progression. This means veins that were completely sound during the primary treatment have later turned into varicose veins. 

To help your body resist the development of new varicose veins, your PCP will suggest you wear compression stockings to improve circulation, relieve swelling, and reduce fatigue in your feet and lower leg portion. These stockings help in the recuperation from varicose vein treatment and can likewise help with supporting blood circulation to forestall new varicose veins.

You need to stay active and follow a healthy way of living to benefit your vascular system. Try regular running or walking to relax the calf and leg muscles, thus further stimulating blood flow back up to your heart.

Use of Wrong technique  for treatment 

Our veins are not organs. They are a portion of the body’s connective tissue and are meant to develop back again after any injury. Hence, when varicose veins are eliminated through treatment, your body does not realize that a specialist needs them to be gone forever. Instead, your body treats the condition as if there has been an injury and will naturally attempt to develop the connective tissue again, including the veins.

Unfortunately, when veins regrow after surgery or injury, they do not have any valves within them at all. This is why stripping surgery for varicose veins generally doesn’t work.

Conclusion Mostly, controlling varicose veins requires a drawn-out procedure. Alongside vascular methods, your expert may suggest some significant changes in your lifestyle or certain at-home treatments. One single treatment technique may not be sufficient to accomplish the outcomes you are looking for. It’s vital to continue to work with your varicose veins treatment in Mumbai, under the supervision of your surgeon to keep up with your vein wellbeing.

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