“An absolutely amazing and friendly person I have come across, explained my situation to him and he double check about my disease for Varicose Veins and explained me the easiest and safest and reasonable price. I did my laser operation for Varicose Veins from him and got discharged the same evening.. And above all no pain at all. Really happy and thank you very much doctor.”

– Nitesh Ingale

“My calf muscle hurt really bad and my legs were heavy before I came to Varicose veins & wound clinic. Now I feel light on my feet, ready to dance all night long. I feel so much better with no more sleepless nights.”

– Naresh Oddeti

“More than five years ago I had vein stripping of my left leg. The veins reappeared. I underwent laser surgery with Dr. Chandrakant and now still after two years, there are no signs of any varicose veins or symptoms. Don’t hesitate to get the laser treatment done”

– Alkesh Kanade.

“Outstanding Experience. I am so happy I came to Dr. Chandrakant for my vein work. The entire office has been so great. From the start, it has been a wonderful experience. The change each time in my legs was exciting to see and I am very pleased the outcome!”

– Bipin Patel.

“Should have done this sooner. The process was very very well explained. Dr Chandrakant and his assistants put me at ease and the procedure was quite painless.”

– Ravi Rajan Shetty

“I have taken EVLT (endovenous laser treatment) for varicose veins. I’m content with the outcomes and truly begun paying attention to abstaining from excessive food intake and practicing more.”

– Rakesh Gajula

“Dr. Chandrakant S Kamble they are so nice and caring and gentle. It really does make such a difference because it means I am not afraid to come here for treatment. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Sameera

“My legs feel so much better! I wish that I had done this years ago. My legs don’t throb anymore and I can wear shorts again. Thank you Dr. Chandrakant”

– Sunil Ankam

“Great staff, very knowledgeable, good outcome of my procedure. Dr Chandrakant is very kind, listens to your concerns. I highly recommend this group.”

– Raj Mehra

“Dr. Chandrakant was honest, friendly and made certain I understood my condition and the procedures that he recommended. ”

– Prakash