Spider veins and Reticular Veins are small, thin blood vessels visible beneath the skin.
Spider veins are less than 1mm and reticular veins are 1-3 mm in diameter. They are a mild form of varicose veins. Most of them are caused by venous hypertension, which is high pressure in one portion of your venous system. May look like a series of lines, tree branches or a spider web-like shape, with a red or blue colour.

While most cases are purely cosmetic concern, the appearance of spider and reticular veins may be a sign of a deeper venous insufficiency. For this reason, any underlying problem causing the spider or reticular veins must be addressed before treatment may begin.

Spider Veins Before After

Ultrasound Is Performed As Part Of The Initial Examination

If the ultrasound fails to show underlying venous insufficiency, then the spider / reticular veins are usually being formed due to genetic predisposition, pregnancy, or hormone replacement therapy.

Treatment options are,

1) Laser or other non chemical modality.
2) Sclerotherapy

This procedure is performed in the doctor’s office and takes approximately 20-25 minutes. Most patients require two to four treatment sessions in order to achieve their desired results.