Varicose Veins

Why Winter is the Best Time to Treat Varicose Veins


It’s a typical misconception that varicose veins accompany age or that it’s simply a cosmetic issue. Varicose veins, whenever left untreated, can grow, cause discoloration, and so forth. On the off chance that you decide to get your varicose veins treated, it could be more advantageous to plan before the winter season end. You might contact any good varicose vein specialist in Mumbai to start your procedure. 

The following are five reasons why it is more valuable to get your varicose vein dealt with during winter:

Most people stay indoors during winter 

Winter is an ideal opportunity to remain inside, drink hot choco milk by the fire, and rest, which is actually what your recovering legs need. It is critical to keep your legs rested after your treatment. This can be hard to do over summer, which is a period for open-air activities and holidays. Unnecessary pressure on your legs can result in treated veins reopening. It’s critical for your vein to recover without athletic movement like weightlifting, running, or cycling, or climbing.

Long bottoms help you to hide your healing legs 

After the treatment, there will be a healing time that varies for each patient. The measure of time it takes to recuperate relies upon the number of veins that were dealt with. The procedure causes bare distress. However, you will encounter some swelling and redness a short time later. It is not difficult throughout the colder season of the year to cover your healing legs by dressing up with pants, long bottoms, or comfortable sweats. 

Lends your skin time to recover 

The sooner you attain the therapy; your body will get additional time to recuperate in the cold weather months. By summer, your legs will be fresh and healthy.

The Sun harms the treated skin

UV beams from the Sun can give rise to damages to your recuperating legs. Since the climate is colder, the treated areas are less inclined to be presented to the Sun. Whenever uncovered; there is a danger of probable skin discoloration. It is advised to keep your legs out of the sight of the Sun for up to three to about a month after your medical procedure. This is a lot simpler to do in winter than summer. 

Compression hose will keep you warm 

Compression socks and stockings are a thick, right elastic piece of clothing worn around the legs to generate pressure in the limb. You will probably be encouraged to wear a compression hose for 2-3 weeks post your treatment on the off chance that you are healing from a varicose vein treatment. These socks can get uncomfortable to wear throughout the summer months and also would not look good combined with shorts and shoes. Winter month is the ideal opportunity to wear the socks and use them not exclusively to heal your legs, yet to remain warm. 


Getting your varicose veins treated over the cold weather months is helpful; however it is not generally possible for a few. There are many medical firms that can play out this procedure during any season. During your varicose veins treatment in Mumbai, you will encounter qualified endovascular and vascular doctors whom you can trust.

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