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Why are Varicose Veins Common on the Left Side?


If you pay attention to the appearance of your veins while you are exercising, you may notice that area of your left leg usually shows more veins than your right leg area. Likewise, if you have varicose veins, the chances are that they’ll show up mainly on the left leg. While there are many notions and myths, ranging from walking on sloped paths to moving one leg more than the other, the actual justification is much simpler. There are comparatively more veins on the left portion of your body. Despite the reason, patients can get proper treatment at varicose veins hospital in Mumbai.

Impact of heart in varicose vein

How the heart influences varicose veins? Everyone has a basic understanding of the working of the heart: the heart pumps blood to our entire body. But, even with this simplified process, heart can significantly affect the functioning of veins. Hence, it becomes essential to understand how the heart functions in actuality to learn its influences on our veins. 

The heart is composed of four chambers; each one performs a specific role. The two chambers located on the body’s right portion are responsible for drawing in the deoxygenated blood from the body and transferring it into the lungs to obtain more oxygen. The chambers that are located on the left portion of your body, then pull fresh blood out of the lungs and transmit it to the rest of your body.

This blood vacates the left portion of your heart through the aorta (a large valve), which then fills in into the rest of the veins, capillaries, and arteries in your body.

The network of blood vessels broadens as this oxygenated blood is pumped from your heart so it can reach out to every single part of your body. The veins further down outstretched to the left portion of your body as the oxygenated blood is delivered to the organs and muscles before returning back to the heart on the right portion.

Due to the way the blood is pumped from the heart, more veins are found in the left leg. Therefore, the odds of developing a varicose vein are more plausible.

Other reasons for varicose veins being more prone on the left side

Apart from the heart’s impact on the growth of varicose veins, there are some other issues that can have a significant effect on making left legs more prone to varicose disease. For instance, having venous syndromes like nutcracker syndrome and may-turner’s syndrome can also affect the flow of blood in your body, and these are primarily on the left portion of your body. While these cases are pretty uncommon, if you discover that the symptoms are exceptionally worse on the left side of the body, it is worth speaking to your doctor.

Whether you have varicose veins on right or left portions of your body, in both cases, it may indicate severe underlying problems of your body. Fortunately, today we have suitable treatments available for vein diseases. Qualified clinics and hospitals can be found for varicose veins treatment in Mira bhayandar and several other cities.

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