Varicose Veins

Can Varicose Veins be cured?

What are Varicose Veins ?

Varicose Veins are the veins which are enlarged or over filled with blood. It usually appears on the lower legs and are very common in women. Around 25% of adults face the problem. It often feels painful if you have varicose veins, and they are usually red or bluish purple coloured.

Varicose Veins occur when the valves present that prevents the blood to move backward fails. This leads to blood being collected in the veins rather than continuing towards the heart. The veins then enlarge and affects the legs. You might contact any good varicose vein specialist in Mumbai to start your procedure. 

Can Varicose Veins be cured?

Varicose Veins treatment is also possible. You can meet doctors and take their advice. If the symptoms are mild they can be treated with some lifestyle changes. Some of the changes that are effective are as follows.

  • Do not sit or stand with your legs crossed for a long time.
  • Exercise is a must to increase blood flow and muscle tone.
  • Do not wear clothes that are tight from the waist or legs.
  • If you are overweight, lose it.
  • To improve the tone of the calf muscles avoids wearing high heels.

Some doctors also recommend compression stockings that prevents swelling in the legs. If you have several varicose veins then some different medical procedures are recommended by a doctor which do have some side effects like mild pain, swelling, skin discoloration and bruising.


It is used for the treatment of smaller veins. An injection is ejected into the veins that causes irritation and scarring inside the veins. It then causes the veins to fade away or close in a few weeks.

Foam Sclerotherapy

It is used to treat the larger veins. A foam solution is injected into the veins which causes scars and the veins to close or fade away.

Laser Surgery

In laser surgery, light energy from a laser is applied onto the varicose veins which makes the veins slowly disappear. It is used to treat the smaller varicose veins.

Endovenous Ablation Therapy In this therapy, a tiny catheter is inserted into the infected vein and the tip of the catheter is heated with the help of radiofrequency or laser energy. It destroys the vein and closes it.

During your varicose veins treatment in Mumbai, you will encounter qualified endovascular and vascular doctors whom you can trust.

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